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Information Technology


The playing field for business is changing. As technology disrupts every industry it touches, the new winners have to move rapidly to outpace and outperform.

To do this, businesses need speed, agility, expertise and scale. They need the right people, working together, in the right ways. That’s why we’re here. We connect IT specialists and tech experts to the opportunities they need to thrive today and tomorrow.
We’re here to help you Connect Smarter.

Helpdesk / Service Desk / NOC Outsourcing

We design, implement and manage Tier I, II and III IT and Telco solutions across various platforms, technologies and vendors with multi-language support requirements and flexible coverage options. Our offerings range from basic IT Help Desk through (Telco) NOC to fully integrated Enterprise solutions in a dedicated or multi-client environment with global reach.

At Modis, we offer you a customizable service which is cost effective, consistent and transparent, delivered on, near or offshore from any of our Modis Service Centers or from within client premises. We constantly evolve our services through innovative automation solutions and efficiency projects led by our Modis Innovation and Automation (MIA) Lab. At the same time, we put special focus on training and upskilling our employees to ensure that all delivered services meet our clients’ highest standards of excellence.